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You will learn how to start the process of moving from cultural competency to cultural humility.

Meet your instructor

Dr. Joel Pérez is owner of Apoyo Coaching and Consulting, LLC and an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF). He specializes in career transitions, career coaching, identity-conscious leadership coaching and professionals that want to develop their cultural humility. He has a certification in the MBTI, Qualified Administrator for the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), Gallup Strengths Certified Coach and is a certified coach through the Academy of Creative Coaching. He has over 20 years of experience in higher education, serving in various key leadership roles. 

I listen, bring clarity, provide support: Apoyo Coaching and Consulting

Course Objectives

  • Learn what cultural competency is
  • Learn what cultural humility is
  • Learn what the Intercultural Development Continuum is
  • Learn about the Intercultural Development Inventory and its purpose
  • Learn how to begin to develop cultural self-awareness
  • Learn how to move from cultural competency to cultural humility
Craig A. Coffey, Founder and President Waymaker Leadership

We all know DEI&B is a complicated and dynamic topic. There is no mastery of this subject, just degrees of getting better. That requires us to all be life-long learners. As Joel clearly states in the coursework, it begins with increased self-awareness and self-critiquing to see some of our blind spots and let go of our biases. Finally, we end up in a posture of humility where we can learn and grow. Check out the course he created.

Debra Enloe, President and CEO, Genuine Compass

Joel explains the difference between Cultural Competency and Cultural Humility and why caring about this matters for all leaders interested in leading a thriving organization. Additionally he provides a roadmap for getting started on this journey along with resources to support you.

Daryl G. Smith, Senior Research Fellow and Professor Emerita of Education and Psychology, Claremont Graduate University

The terms cultural competency and cultural humility are often used without deep understanding of the concepts, how they are different, and how they are critical to individual and institutional development. Joel’s course provides a readily accessible introduction to the concepts, and, also, provides tools and additional resources to facilitate cultural self-awareness, the movement from cultural competence to cultural humility, and the exciting opportunities presented for life- long learning through the cultural humility lens.

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